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At Joseph D Walters, we believe that the more you know about pressure washing insurance the better you can protect yourself. Talk to anyone at our agency and get smarter about protecting yourself from financial disaster. Because what you don’t know CAN hurt you.

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As the owner of a pressure washing business you have your hands full running your business, managing schedules, maintaining equipment and making your customers happy. That leaves little time to focus on buying the right pressure washing insurance plan. There is a huge difference on what you need versus what other agents sell you. If you’ve never been a pressure washing contractor before, you don’t know what to buy or how much. That’s where we can help.

We’ve been insuring pressure washing contractors for over 35 years. We know your business and what you need to protect yourself from financial disaster. Our pressure washing insurance program has exclusive coverages and exclusive benefits. So it doesn’t matter if you call yourself a pressure wash, pressure washing, pressure washer, power wash, power washing or power washer contractor, we can help you choose what’s best for you because we understand your industry!

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“The Walters agency knows and understands the Power Wash Industry.”
~ Tony Szabo, Morrison,IL
“It’s important to me that I satisfy my clients quickly. The service at Joseph D Walters is fast and accurate.”
~ Michael Hinderliter, Fort Worth,TX
“I called and got quoted instantly. The prices were very good and it was easy.”
~ Charlie Arnold, Lewes,DE
“Just got a quote from them and they blew my local guy out of the water. As a matter of fact, my local guy worked for over a month to get me a quote that he thought was respectable. He really worked hard to get the insurance that I needed to clean roofs. The sad part is that his underwriters from the various insurance companies did not know how to characterize roof washing. The quote I got was through and comprehensive. Oh, and by the way, I learned about Joe from this forum. I have paid my premium and have learned much from the folks here. So, if you are still on the fence about joining, I highly recommend paying your dues and getting in.”
~ Ray
“Get the standard million on your general liability. Also insure the rigs…..doesn’t cost much. Joseph D Walters is a good broker….actually the best out there. I have been with them for years.”
~ Carlos Gonzales, Owner of New Look Power Wash
When I contacted J.D. Walters insurance I wasn’t sure what I would encounter, since most insurance companies talk jargon you can’t understand. Sarah was very informative, precise and clear about what was needed and didn’t attempt to “up-sell” what I was looking for. J.D. Walters, and in particular Sarah went above and beyond what I expected and provided the exact coverage I was looking for, and knew precisely the type of business I was planning to insure. If you think you can get better service or prices elsewhere, you haven’t talked with J.D. Walters yet. Thanks Sarah for your expertise and providing me with the coverage I couldn’t find anywhere else.
~ Rich H.
Owner, R&R Roof & Gutter Cleaning
August, 2013, our company needed insurance. We all know it is not easy for a pressure washing company to find insurance.
I asked Cyberspace for a quote on liability, truck, equipment, and trailer insurance.
Joseph D Walters, Insurance answered the next day.
From that day to today, it has been a joy to work with Sarah Parker, insurance agent.
The quote, my questions, the final paperwork, the payment arrangements were answered and prepared in a timely manner.
I/we are very pleased with Joseph D Walters, Ins.
~ Nicole,
Strip-N-Stripe, Colorado Springs, Colorado
A parking lot striping and pressure washing company
I’m excited to be working with Joseph Walters Insurance. I just signed up for their new window washer insurance program, and the service I’ve gotten already over the phone is head and shoulders above what I’ve gotten in the past year from my local agent. Plus, it’s a much better value. For right around the same price as I was paying for $300,000 liability, they gave me a million, plus coverage for my equipment. So glad I made this call.
~Josh Stixrud
Jolly Roger Window Cleaning
Keller, TX