2017 Claims Wrap Up: Could These Claims Happen to You?

As this year winds down to an end, we thought it would be best to wrap up our year at Joseph D. Walters with a final 2017 claims wrap up. Through the past year, we’ve updated washers like you on the types of claims we handle every day at JDW in the hopes that it will help you avoid similar situations. Since some of those claims were fairly new at the time, and still open, we couldn’t accurately give you an idea of the money that was paid on those claims. This 2017 claims wrap up goes over all the open claims we had at the time of posting and updates any that have since closed. Have you been in a similar situation? How can you avoid claims like these to be safer in the coming year? Could any of these claims happen to you?

2017 Claims Wrap Up

  • Insured was using customers water to wash gutters when the spigot leaked into the basement, causing damage to carpet and drywall: Paid $5,360
  • Our insured was washing a roof and over-sprayed solution causing damage to the deck below: Paid $2,860
  • Insured was bringing a ladder into claimant residence and struck an item which fell damaging a table: Paid $3,538
  • While pressure washing a house insured caused damage to concrete columns and wood damage: Paid $2,985
  • Insured was washing outside of house and damaged entrance glass door: Paid $1,173
  • Insured washed stone patio and damaged it. Care, custody and control coverage paid $27,081
  • Insured was washing windows and cracked the glass: Paid $2,739
  • Insured washed the wrong home and damaged the paint: Paid $5,680
  • Our insured was involved in an auto accident with stationary object, resulting in damage to the cleaning equipment inside vehicle: Paid $4,248
  • Insured soft washed roof when leaks in customer’s roof caused water damage: Paid $3,489
  • Insured was washing client’s house on a rainy day and water got into customer’s basement: Paid $5,360
  • Insured’s pressure wash trailer and pressure washer were stolen, resulting in loss of business/income: Paid $9,752
  • Insured pressure washed exterior of home with a product that stained the windows of the home: Paid $25,764
  • Claimant states that insured washed driveway, leaving etchings. Claimant was seeking replacement driveway: Paid $16,975
  • A fire at the insured’s location caused damage to building and business property: Paid $140,112
  • Insured was pressure washing claimant’s walls. Claimant states there was damage to the elevator shaft when water entered: Paid $6,141
  • Wash trailer opened while driving down the road, contents hit a logging truck and the door was ripped off: Paid $3,529
  • Insured was washing on property and shorted out the meter base causing fire damage to the base and conduit: Paid $1,305
  • After a house wash, siding became faded: Paid $19,414
  • Insured did power washing for customer. 3 of 4 monitors/cameras at the bank’s drive thru lane got water in them: Paid $6,480
  • Employee of insured was washing a chandelier and broke when it fell, in addition to damaging the floor: Paid $3,558
  • Insured was washing a building and damaged the back of it with high pressure: Paid $1,250
  • Insured damaged a door while washing house: Paid $1,638
  • Our insured damaged landscaping while cleaning roof: Paid $1,362
  • Claimant alleges the insured was pressure washing their home and caused water damage to the roof: Paid $5,776
  • Employee of insured was cleaning windows and caused damage: Paid $10,887
  • Insured’s vehicle caught fire, damaging pressure wash equipment: Paid $2,200
  • Insured was cleaning a concrete pool deck. Flat surface cleaner left etching in the newly poured concrete: Paid $3,825
  • Chemicals used by insured during a house wash killed plants: Paid $5,519
  • While washing sidewalks and patio, machine caused circles in the concrete: Paid $1,388
  • Insured was cleaning a newly poured breezeway and concrete patio which removed all of the skim coat: Paid $14,943
  • While using a lift to wash customer’s building, insured caused damage to the concrete and gutters: Paid $3,555
  • Insured was cleaning a home and algaecide overspray caused damage to lawn furniture and bushes: Paid $8,914
  • Customer alleges 13 windows were scratched by insured: Paid $4,384
  • Insured was washing and caused overspray damage to claimant’s vehicle: Paid $3,582
  • While washing a house, insured’s pressure tip/nozzle on power washer flew off and went through one of the customer’s windows: Paid $1,711
  • Insured was attempting to remove rust stain from stone. As a result, the stone became discolored: Paid $7,734
  • While washing roof, detergent went through downspout and damaged customer’s grass and shrubs: Paid $7,072
  • Claimant tripped over hose and fell: Paid $ 4,500
  • Claimant alleges the insured was pressure washing and got water between the elevator and floor, burning out the motor: Paid $ 3,925
  • Insured was pressure washing metal siding of a condo and removed some of the paint from the siding: Paid $ 11, 385
  • Insured was pressure washing claimant’s pool deck and driveway, sprayed chlorine which changed the painted stucco on bottom of house green:  Paid $4,280
  • Claimant alleges that insured driver ran a red light and struck the claimant’s vehicle while passing through a green light: Paid $6,087
  • Insured had a fire where he stores his equipment: Paid $36,935
  • Insured completed a power washing and roof job in October. Claimant alleges the solution used damaged shingles on roof and peeled off paint on fascia: Paid $ 1,778

This 2017 claims wrap up report updates any previously still open claims from the time of posting their respective articles since they have closed. Do any of these claims come as a surprise to you? Let us know what you think of these claims and the overall 2017 claims wrap up posts in the comments. As we move into a new year and closer to another washing season, it is important to focus on ways to protect your business from claims like these properly. Call us at 1-800-878-3808 today for a free quote or account review to ensure you have the best coverage in 2018! We have worked with mobile cleaning contractors for 40 years and we’ve seen almost everything, so we know what you need to keep your business safe.

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  1. Last year the water pressure spiked in a neighborhood and blew 5 imterior water meters in an area we were working in causing the basements to flood. All five properties tried to blame us for nearly 35,000 in damages for each property. But it turned out that there was a huge spike in water pressure from the water authority that caused it. At first they tried to blame it on us causing a water hammer back Flow.

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