Insurance for Pressure Washers & Window Cleaners In Alabama

The team at Joseph D. Walters Insurance is committed to providing great insurance for Alabama pressure washing and window cleaning contractors. Our exclusive custom-built window cleaning insurance and pressure washing insurance packages offer more liability at a better price than most local agents or national companies. This is because we’ve been servicing this industry almost exclusively since 1978. We know the ins and outs of the industry and understand the insurance needs of its contractors better than anyone.

Whether you’re a professional pressure or power washer, window washer or a roof cleaner our agents are ready to find you the best coverage at the best price.

How Much Insurance Should an Alabama Pressure Washing Contractor Carry?

Having proper insurance is critical to the health and well-being of any small business. Pressure washing companies in particular face their own unique perils. This is why Alabama contractors in this industry need certain insurance products to protect their company.

If you own an Alabama pressure washing or window cleaning service, it’s important to understand that most local insurance agents and national companies have little to no understanding of this industry. They aren’t sure how to categorize a pressure wash business, which means coverage limits are often insufficient while rates are inconsistent and premiums are higher than they should be for so little coverage.

For example, if a pressure washing company causes water damage inside a home they’re cleaning they will need sufficient liability protection. That’s obvious. However, it’s often not until they file a claim that pressure wash contractors realize they’re not carry the right type of general liability insurance policy.

The policies we provide Alabama power washing contractors offer anywhere from $1,000,000 to $5,000,000 of liability coverage – along with a slew of optional coverages – for nearly the same premium you’d pay a local agency or national company for less coverage.

Why Choose Joseph D. Walters Insurance for Alabama Window Cleaning & Pressure Wash Insurance?

Licensed in 47 states, Joseph D. Walters Insurance is recognized nationally as the #1 source of pressure washing and window cleaning insurance. We offer an exclusive program that is underwritten by the Liberty Mutual Insurance Group. Included in our insurance quotes are:

  1. Care Custody & Control Coverage (Including Broad Form Property Damage) – This is an extremely important coverage for power wash and window wash contractors. Accidents happen. This exclusive protection covers you for damage to your customer’s property that you work on, including real property such as buildings.
  2. Blanket Additional Insured Endorsement – Window cleaning and power wash contractors will often have to show proof of insurance listing the property owners as an additional insured. This blanket coverage, included at no additional charge, saves contractors time on jobs since it involves no costly or time consuming policy endorsements. It also helps any Alabama pressure or window washer to jump ahead of other regional competitors bidding on jobs without this automatic inclusion.
  3. Blanket Waiver of Subrogation (By Written Contract) – Larger property owners require window cleaners and power washers to waive their right of recovery for a loss that may occur on their jobsite. This “waiver of subrogation” provision typically costs $100.00 per job. It is automatically included in our program.
  4. Broad Form Inland Marine Coverage – Without this endorsement, many contractors learn that business critical equipment and tools, included rented equipment, isn’t covered. Joseph D. Walters Insurance includes this coverage in all of our Alabama power wash and window wash insurance quotes.
  5. Garagekeepers Liability Coverage – This coverage is available to any Alabama power wash contractor that washes vehicles.
  6. Guaranteed Pricing – We provide you with a package policy that isn’t subject to a premium audit. This means you know your insurance costs up front, with no premium adjustments throughout the policy term, even if your business grows.

Get Your Quote for Alabama Power Wash & Window Wash Insurance

The staff at the Joseph D. Walters Insurance Agency is here to answer any and all questions and can provide a same-day quote. We serve the following mobile contractors in the region:

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