Announcement from the PWRA

We are so excited to partner up with Joseph D. Walters Insurance! We have an exciting new discount that we are now offering to our PWRA members! All PWRA members will now receive ALL of the following:

  1. PWRA members will get up to a **25% discount and sometimes more on their premiums.
  2. All members will get $2000 of equipment coverage.
  3. Members could also be eligible for additional discounts if they pay their premium in one payment.
  4. Members will have access to an exclusive “All About Insurance” subforum. This will be the place to get answers to questions about general liability, workman’s comp, commercial vehicle as well as homeowners insurance coverages and policies.

**Discounts allowed will vary by state and can also be impacted by underwriting criteria and overall eligibility.

***Current Joseph D. Walter’s policy holders: You MUST contact our office more than 60 days prior to your current policy expiring to let us know you are a PWRA member and you want the discount. Once the company issues the renewal policy there is no time to request any additional discounts. It is imperative we talk with you at least 60+ days before your renewal date. If you do not know when your policy renews call the office immediately!

“Joe Walters” has been the go-to insurance company for pressure washing general liability insurance since 1978. They have taken the time to understand the needs of pressure washing companies every where. Their excellent customer service, comprehensive knowledge of the pressure washing industry, and competitive pricing has put them on the top of the heap for contractor’s insurance needs. Every pressure washing company should have the proper insurance. Don’t wait to take advantage of this exclusive package today!

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