Claims Reported in September

At Joseph D. Walters, there are claims reported every day that you might never think of, until they happen to you. We want to make all professional washers aware of these types of claims to help them avoid the same accidents. Here is our list of September claims.

Do you know if you’d be covered for any of the claims reported in September?

  1. Insured was cleaning a house using algaecide which oversprayed causing damage to lawn furniture and bushes. Claim is still open with reserve set at $6,000.00.
  2. Insured was washing windows and scratched 13 glass windows.  Claim is still open with reserve set at $ 4, 384.00.
  3. Insured was washing a home when water entered under door seal causing water damage in basement.  Claim is still open.
  4. Insured was washing a home and deck.  Streaks appeared on both.  The streaks on the house faded but did not fade on the deck.  Claim is still open.
  5. Insured was on a lift washing customers building. The lift caused damage to the concrete and gutters.  Claim still open with reserve set at $ 3,556.00.
  6. Insured was washing when they oversprayed onto a vehicle. Claim is still open.
  7. Insured was washing a house when water entered damaging hardwood floors. Claim is still open.
  8. Insured pressure washed apartment building when water ran down the walls damaging them  and a customer’s TV.  Claim is still open.
  9. Insured was washing a house and the tip/nozzle on the power washer flew off and went through one of the customers windows.  Claim is still open.

Without the proper coverage, you could face costly repairs that could leave your business struggling. For more examples of claims our agents handle everyday, read our article “Can These Kinds of Claims Happen to YOU?“. If you have any questions about coverage or these types of claims, please call 1-800-878-3808. One of our licensed insurance professionals will gladly answer your questions or review of your policy. Don’t keep paying for insurance that won’t protect you when you need it.

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