Commercial Pressure Wash Jobs: Sample Cleaning

Trying to close big commercial pressure wash jobs?  There is a lot of work that goes into a big commercial job before you start your machine. The process of bidding and meeting with potential commercial clients can be stressful and sometimes may not seem worth the added headache. After all, your client has a lot to consider. They are about to spend thousands of dollars and want to ensure you are the right company for the job. One of the best ways to convince them is through a sample cleaning. Sample cleanings help to show the client what to expect after you complete the job. This can prove to them that their money will be well spent before signing the deal. These tips on sample cleaning will help you seal the deal for commercial pressure wash jobs:

Offer a Sample Cleaning:

Commercial cleaning projects can be expensive and a client might be leery about committing to a large job. Offer a demo as a way to show off how great the building will look once you are done. You are more likely to get the job with a sample cleaning because it makes the result clear in the client’s mind. They will get a chance to work with you and see the quality of your work before committing. This will give them more trust in you and your company and help justify the expense.

Think of it as Your Time to Shine:

While it does take extra time to drive to the location, set up and do a sample cleaning, it’s the best way to prove you’re company is the right choice. Focus on showing the client that you have the knowledge and equipment required to do the job correctly, don’t just show up to get it done. Some larger jobs may request you complete a sample cleaning before accepting your bid. Once the client sees the result, they will be ready to sign the bid and consider their options. You should look to clean a not-so-obvious place, that way the rest of the dirt is not glaring in contrast for your client’s customers.

Be Quick and Efficient:

You should set a goal of completing the sample as quickly and efficiently as possible. A sample washing shouldn’t take more than a half hour from set up, cleaning and rinsing, to packing up. Be sure to visit the location prior to your sample to observe the building and any problem spots. This will ensure you know what materials are needed to get the job done right the first time. This will show the client that you know your equipment and chemicals thoroughly and that you are highly qualified.

Follow Up:

If the client isn’t there to watch you work, be sure to ask when they plan to see your sample, then follow up in the next few days. Ensure they are satisfied with the results and that your bid is in for the job. Taking the extra time and effort to provide the highest quality sample will put you high in the running for closing the deal on commercial pressure wash jobs.

If you are looking to start adding commercial pressure wash jobs to your business or just want to start closing more deals, sample cleanings could be the tool to help! Has a sample cleaning job ever gotten you a commercial job? What other ways to you make your bids stand out? Tell us in the comments or on our Facebook page.

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