How often Your Home Should Be Power Washed

Your home is likely the biggest investment you will ever make, so maintaining it properly is important. A good looking home isn’t only good for appearances, but regular cleanings can help maintain the value of the home. However, there isn’t one answer to how often you should have your home power washed. You may be wondering how often your home should be power washed? The best way to determine if how often your home should be power washed really depends on one main factor. Location!

How Often Your Home Should Be Power Washed

Location, Location, Location

Where your house is located has a lot to do with how often it may need washed. If you live in a Northern climate that gets harsh weather and storms often, you might have to pressure wash your home more often. Areas with an abundance of leaves will see more dirt from decomposing foliage on their roofs or gutters. Homes near city streets or construction will see a lot of dirt from plows and road crews after winter as well.

If you live in a warm sunny climate with little rain and humidity, such as in California, pressure washing is not really something you have to do that often overall. Spot check your home annually to see if it needs to be pressure washed. Of course, your personal preference may mean more frequent washing as well, but you should aim to have your home power washed every couple of years.

If you live in a warm tropical climate, such as in Florida, you’ll probably want to pressure wash your home at least once a year. Due to the heat and humidity, mold and mildew can easily form on your home if left untreated. These areas are prone to strong storms and damaging wind which cause more dirt build-up on your house’s exterior. The closer you are to city activity will also affect how much dirt builds up. High traffic areas, especially in tourist areas may need more washing than those set back from the main roads.

When you decide your home needs to be power washed, know what to expect!

Regardless of your decision on how often your home should be power washed, it is important to hire an experienced professional. Power washing can be extremely dangerous and there are a number of hazards that you may be unaware of. Discuss your washing needs and the washer’s experience with them. Be sure to show them any areas that should be protected (such as an electrical box) to prevent damage. You can also discuss any products they will be using as well.

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  1. Great article. I find also that the type of surface to be power washed and the type of material makes a difference in frequency. A metal roof can be different from asphalt. Roofs in general are different from siding, and so forth.

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