Pressure Washing and Window Washing Insurance in Illinois

If you’re a window washing or pressure washing contractor in Illinois, Joseph D. Walters Insurance can provide you with better insurance coverage at a price comparable, if not lower than, what you’re currently paying for less coverage. How do we do this? By writing you an insurance policy that’s specifically tailored for mobile cleaning businesses rather than giving you the same standard general liability insurance that works for any other business.

While every small business needs to be insured, power washing and window cleaning businesses present their own unique perils and insurance needs. The same cookie cutter liability protection that works for other businesses don’t offer businesses in this industry enough protection. Unfortunately, many owners of pressure or window cleaning businesses don’t realize this until they need their insurance the most and learn their coverage is insufficient.

To make things worse, underwriters for many companies have no idea how to categorize or rate a pressure washing business and more or less are guessing at the rates. This leads to inconsistent rates from one business to the next and premiums that are often adjusted in time. All Joseph D. Walters Insurance issued Illinois insurance policies for pressure washers and window washers have guaranteed pricing through the term of the policy.

Work with Illinois Power & Window Washer Insurance Professionals

Joseph D. Walters Insurance is a nationwide licensed agency specializing in insuring mobile cleaning contractors. Our exclusive pressure and window washing insurance program is underwritten by the Liberty Mutual Group and insures:

  • Chicago area power washing and window washing contractors
  • Aurora area power washing and window washing contractors
  • Rockford area power washing and window washing contractors
  • Joliet area power washing and window washing contractors
  • Naperville area power washing and window washing contractors

Additionally, these competitively priced and exclusive coverage insurance policies can be extended to house cleaners, roof and gutter cleaners, driveway, sidewalk, and garage washers, and patio/deck washers.

Get Insurance Coverage You Can Depend On

Our goal isn’t to just give power washers and window washers something to show as proof of insurance to secure work. We want to give them adequate protection to cover them in the event they’re held liable for bodily injury or property damage. All of our policies can offer liability limits from $1,000,000 to $5,000,000. Business-critical tools and equipment, even rented equipment, can be covered along with vehicles that you wash. Time-saving blanket additional insured or subrogation waiver endorsements are another benefit.

Our service and commitment to those we insure doesn’t end once your policy is written. You have ongoing consultations and responsive customer service and claims representatives. Whether you’re looking for window washing or power washing insurance in the Chicago metropolitan area or elsewhere in Illinois, call us today at 1-800-878-3808 with any questions or to get a quote. You can also reach us through our online contact form.