July Claims From Joseph D. Walters

At Joseph D. Walters Insurance, we strive to keep the mobile cleaning industry safer. We handle claims every day that you might never think of, until they happen to you. We want to make all professional washers aware of these kinds of claims in order to help them avoid the same accidents, before it’s too late. Here is our list of July claims. Would you have the right coverage if any of these accidents happened to you?

July Claims

1. Insured was pressure washing siding on home.  Claimant stating the siding is now faded as a result.  Reserve set at $10,000.00.  Claim is still open.

2. Insured was washing on property when they shorted out the meter base, causing fire damage to the meter base and conduit.  Reserve is set at $ 1,300.  Claim is still open.

3. Insured was power washing a breezeway when water entered the elevator causing damage to the elevator.  Reserve set at $ 6,078.00.  Claim is still opened.

4. Insured cleaned gutters on a home.  The friction from cleaning and chemicals used caused damage to the finish on the gutters.  $ 850.00 paid out.  Claim closed.

5. Insured did power washing for a customer.  As a result, 3 out of 4 monitors/cameras at the drive thru lane at the bank have water in them.  Claim is still open.

6. Insured was cleaning house and caused discoloration to the roof.  Claim is still open.

Don’t wonder if you would be covered when an accident happen. With Joseph D. Walters, you’ll have peace of mind knowing if accidents like these happen, you’ll be covered. Without the proper coverage, you could face costly legal fees that could leave your business bankrupt or be left paying out of pocket. For more examples of claims our agents handle everyday, read our article “Can These Kinds of Claims Happen to YOU?“. If you have any questions about coverage or these types of claims, please call 1-800-878-3808. One of our licensed insurance professionals will gladly answer your questions or review of your policy. Don’t leave yourself in a position where paying a claim falls entirely on you and don’t pay for insurance that doesn’t have you in mind.

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