Insurance for North Carolina Pressure & Window Wash Contractors

Any type of business is a liability. Business owners carry insurance to not only protect their business, but for peace of mind as well. However, many pressure washing and window cleaning companies are lacking the protection they need. Regrettably, they don’t find this out until a situation arises where they need their insurance the most.

The team at Joseph D. Walters Insurance is committed to providing the best North Carolina pressure washing insurance and window cleaning insurance coverage at the best price. What separates us from other local agents or national companies is this industry is our specialty and niche. We’ve been writing insurance policies for mobile cleaning contractors almost exclusively since 1978.

What does this mean? Unlike many insurers, we know the perils business owners in this industry face on a day-to-day basis. Many local agents and national companies have no familiarity with this industry. They’re unsure how to categorize or rate your business. Not only does this result in less than optimal coverage, it also results in many contractors paying a higher premium than they should be for so little protection.

We Offer an Exclusive Insurance Program for North Carolina Pressure Washing & Window Cleaning Services

Together with industry experts and insurance carriers, Joseph D. Walters Insurance has developed an exclusive insurance program focused on the needs of North Carolina power and window washing contractors. Underwritten by the Liberty Mutual Insurance Group, this insurance program helps us provide North Carolina contractors with better coverages at more reasonable pricing – all with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee Policy.

Simply put, you won’t find coverages this thorough, priced this affordably, with any other insurance provider. This is why mobile contract cleaners in 47 states tout our insurance coverage – not to mention the responsiveness of our customer service and claims teams.

When you work with our agents, you won’t be getting a cookie cutter insurance policy. We take the time to get to know you and your company to better understand your insurance needs. Your policy is customized and the attention and service you get is always personalized. This is how we’ve built life-long relationships with industry contractors and word-of-mouth within the industry. To the point where many contractors we work with actively look for members of our team at industry conventions just to say thanks.

Our North Carolina Power Washing/Window Cleaning Insurance Includes:

  1. Care Custody & Control Coverage – Accidents happen. This exclusive protection covers you for damage to your customer’s property that you work on, including real property such as buildings, as well as personal property. Most agents or insurance companies unfamiliar with the pressure washing industry may not even recommend it. At Joseph D. Walters Insurance our exclusive General Liability policy automatically includes this critical coverage.
  2. General Liability Limits Up to 5,000,000 Per Occurrence – We offer General Liability Insurance for North Carolina power washers and window washers through a well-known national carrier with limits from 1,000,000 to $5,000,000.
  3. Blanket Additional Insured Endorsement – Individuals hiring North Carolina window cleaning or pressure washing contractors will often require proof of insurance listing them as additional insureds. We include this blanket coverage at no additional charge to save contractors time on jobs without the need for a costly or time consuming endorsement. We’ve been told this automatic inclusion has given contractors we insure an advantage over regional competitors when it comes to being hired for jobs.
  4. Blanket Waiver of Subrogation – Approximately 50% of all commercial property owners require North Carolina window cleaners and power washers to waive their right of recovery for losses occurring at the jobsite. This waiver of subrogation, which generally costs $100.00 per job, is automatically included in our insurance program.
  5. Broad Form Inland Marine Coverage – A pressure or window washer is dependent on their equipment and tools – even rented equipment – to carry out their job responsibilities. We cover these business critical instruments.
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