Power Wash Claims Reported in October 2017

At Joseph D. Walters, we’ve insured power wash and window cleaning professional for 40 years, so we’ve seen it all. Because we know what can happen, we want to inform washers like you of the kinds of power wash claims we handle every day. By knowing the potential risks you face on the job, you’ll be better able to avoid accidents like these.

New Power Wash Claims Reported in October 2017

  • Insured was trying to remove a rust stain from stone and caused discoloration. Reserve set at $7,734 – Claim still open.
  • Claimant alleges the insured broke windows and barriers between windows while power washing them. Reserve set at $30,000. Estimated damage to the expensive home is $772,000 – Claim still open.
  • Insured did a roof cleaning for customer when the cleaning solution went through the downspout and into contact with grass and shrubs causing damage. Payment made: $6,687 – recovery letter for deductible sent. Claim will be closed shortly.
  • Claimant alleges they tripped over a hose and fell. Reserve set at $3,500 – Claim still open.
  • The claimant alleges the insured was pressure washing and water got in between the elevator and floor, causing the elevator’s motor to burn. Reserve set at $6,994 – Claim still open, the adjuster is finalizing notes to make final payment.
  • Insured was pressure washing at customer’s location and bleach oversprayed, causing white specks on window coverings – Claim still open.
  • Insured was pressure washing the metal siding on a condo and removed some of the paint. Reserve set at $11,387 – Claim still open.
  • Claimant alleges insured cleaned their house and the chemicals used turned the paint on the house pink – Claim still open.
  • Insured was trying to undo a customer’s hose from a spigot to hook up his hose. When he could not, he removed the spray nozzle and attached his hose that way. Claimant is stating that the insured damaged the wall spigot, resulting in water damage to carpet, padding and possibly drywall. Claim was resolved between insured and claimant.
  • Employee states he was filling cracks within pavers in sand and using a broom when he felt a pop in his right shoulder – WC claim. Reserve set at $10,000 – Claim still open.

These claims can help give you a better idea of the possible risks and expenses if you face a claim. We hope by being aware of these types of power wash claims, you will be able to avoid similar situations. If you have any questions about these or other claims, the coverages we offer, or would like a free quote or policy review, just call us at 1-800-878-3808. Our agents would be happy to help and advise you on the coverages needed to best protect your business. Even if you don’t go with JDW, you’ll better understand your business insurance!

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