Pressure Wash Claims That Could Ruin Your Business

Over the past year, we reported the types of pressure wash claims our agents handle every day at Joseph D. Walters Insurance. We did this to help make power washers aware of the kinds of accidents that happen and the costs associated with them to give you an idea of why the proper coverage is so critical! Could these claims happen to you? If they did, would you have the coverage you think? Find out the costs associated with some of the pressure wash claims we’ve received since the start of 2018 at Joseph D. Walters and if you are unsure, just call us!

2018 Pressure Wash Claims

  1. Insured was washing a condo and covered all the electronics. They washed the corridors and breezeways, but got water in two touch pads in the elevators: Paid $3,264.00
  2. Insured was pressure washing a building and a number of windows were damaged: Paid $34,133.02
  3. Insured trailer was parked at a storage unit and the unit was broken into and all equipment was stolen: Paid $3,879.86
  4. Claimant alleges plants were damaged during pressure washing of their home: Paid $3,211.83
  5. Insured broke the back window of claimant’s vehicle after striking it with a lift while cleaning building: Paid $2,131.15
  6. Insured had to use razor blades on windows when doing post construction clean up and scratched the windows: Paid $25,000.00
  7. Claimant alleges that there was damage to a meter can after the insured washed the claimant’s building: Paid $2,152.17
  8. Insured was working on the exterior when bleach got inside the front door, causing damage to the carpet: Paid $2,235.53
  9. Claimant alleges insured scratched glass during cleaning: Paid $1,980.00
  10. Insured was power washing claimant’s building and water got into the elevator shaft and circuit board: Paid $2,493.43
  11. Insured states claimant alleges harm from overspray while insured was pressure washing building windows: Paid $960.24
  12. Claimant states insured rear ended him while stopped at a red light: Paid $2,432.22
  13. Insured was in a lift and was trying to get between the claimant’s vehicle and insured’s parked vehicle. The wheel of the lift hit the claimant’s parked car, denting it: Paid $996.90
  14. Claimant alleges discoloration damage from pressure cleaning by insured: Paid $13,694.71
  15. Insured was washing building and sprayed bleach on claimant’s sign, causing damage: Paid $2,525.65
  16. Insured parked claimant’s vehicle, did not use emergency brake and vehicle rolled into a pole: Paid $2,033.71
  17. Claimant alleges discoloration damage from pressure cleaning by insured: Paid $14,373.43
  18. Piece of insured’s equipment hit a car when insured was doing work: Paid $1,542.68
  19. Claimant alleges the insured damaged gutters when cleaning roof: Paid $1,365.45
  20. The insured shut claimant’s vehicle door closing the seat belt in the door causing damage and scratching the door: Paid $1,717.45
  21. Claimant alleges she tripped over and equipment hose on jobsite: Paid $9,000
  22. Insured received a call from the customer stating there was damage to their door, windows, window frames and vehicle from the chemicals used during the insured’s washing: Paid $2,624.52
  23. Claimant alleges roof cleaning solution discolored the paint on their house: Paid $7,411.00
  24. Claimant alleges insured did power washing at Circle K, causing a sheet of ice, customer slipped and fell on ice: Paid $3,106.25
  25. Insured was power washing claimant’s home and got too close, leaving markings on the paint from the pressure: Paid $1,500.00
  26. The insured’s trailer was parked and was hit by another vehicle: Paid $293.00
  27. Claimant states that Insured damaged their dark brown outdoor furniture when cleaning property: Paid $2,230.00
  28. Insured was pressure washing multiple building 3 story breeze ways for the customer when the fire alarm kept going off, now the customer alleges damages to the fire panels, but the Insured stated they did not damaged it and that it is a false claim: Paid $8,277.08

The owner of the complex was being problematic about the situation and our insured preferred to have us handle things. At Joseph D. Walters, we’re here to work for you. If you ever have and unreasonable client during the claims process, we’ll handle the situation for you.

  1. Claimant alleges paint damage when insured cleaned the roof. Still open. Already Paid $4,919.00
  2. Someone stole the insured’s trailer and hot water unit: Paid $10,000.00
  3. An accident caused damage to the insured’s trailer: Paid $891.30
  4. Insured pressure washed claimant’s location, when the power was restored, a breaker blew: Paid $6,362.28
  5. Claimant alleges insured damaged a brick entry way while insured was power washing claimant’s location: Paid $5,360.00
  6. Claimant alleges the insured caused damages to their evergreen and sued: Paid $2,542.00
  7. Insured dripped bleach on deck while cleaning home. Insured paid to have the deck re-sanded and stained, but the claimant was not happy and wanted the deck replaced: Paid $3,296.94
  8. The insured was pressure washing the claimant’s home and the cleaning solution damaged the awning: Paid $1,376.00
  9. Insured rear ended claimant’s vehicle: Paid $21,282.32
  10. Insured cleaned roof with chemicals, which got into soil damaging bushes and hedges: Paid $3,190.00
  11. The insured Damage a small window while pressure washing a restaurant location: $1,234.79
  12. Insured stated that someone broke the window on one of his vehicles and stole the equipment out of it: Paid $2,021.20
  13. Piece of the insured’s equipment hit a car when insured was doing some work: Paid $1,542.68
  14. Insured was pressure washing a pool deck and there was an area of pea gravel on the patio. Gravel got underneath the surface cleaner and shot out, hitting the customer’s sliding glass door: Paid $1,695.26

Could these pressure wash claims happen to you?

If you are a power washer, having the right kind of coverage for any kind of claim you might face is important. Would you be covered if any of these claims happened to you? Don’t assume the coverage you have is good enough, only to find out you’ll be paying out of pocket if a claim strikes. Just call us at 1-800-878-3808 today. We have worked exclusively with mobile cleaning contractors for 40 years. We have seen almost every type of pressure wash claims and we know the coverages you need to protect your business properly. For a free quote or policy review, contact us and for more information, be sure to follow us on Facebook!

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