Insurance for Pressure Wash Contractors Across the State of Florida

The team at Joseph D. Walters Insurance is committed to finding Florida area power/pressure wash contractors better protection at competitive pricing. Whether you’re a residential or commercial power washer, roof washer or gutter cleaner, our agents are ready to find you the best coverage at the best price.

How Much Insurance Should a Florida Pressure Washing Contractor Carry?

Carrying sufficient insurance is important to any small business. Without adequate coverage, an unexpected catastrophic loss, or even a brief hiccup that disrupts your day-to-day business operations, can be disastrous.

If you own a pressure washing service in Florida, it’s important to understand that most local insurance agents have little to no understanding of your industry or its insurance needs. This lack of familiarity with the industry means several things.

First, the agent or their representative has no idea what questions need to be asked to ensure proper coverage.

Second, underwriters at most companies aren’t even sure how to categorize a pressure wash businesses which means rates are determined (more or less guessed) by the underwriters themselves.

The end result is most power washing companies in the Florida region aren’t carrying adequate insurance coverage. This means the liability policy is not going to perform they way you need it to. This could spell trouble for your business if legal action is taken against you by a property owner for damage to their property that you are working on. Furthermore, you may not have even thought about coverage your equipment that you own or rent.

Why Choose Joseph D. Walters Insurance for Florida Pressure Washer Insurance?

For over 35 years, Joseph D. Walters has almost exclusively insured pressure washing contractors. We know the power wash business inside and out. We know how to write insurance policies for Florida pressure wash contractors and how to ensure they’re carrying the right coverage to protect their business. Licensed in 47 states, Joseph D. Walters is recognized nationwide as a top provider of power wash industry insurance. We offer an exclusive pressure washing insurance program that’s underwritten by the Liberty Mutual Insurance Group.

What’s Included In Your Florida Pressure Washing Insurance Policy?

  1. Care Custody & Control Coverage (Including Broad Form Property Damage) – Accidents don’t come with a warning. This is why our policies include this exclusive coverage that protects you in the event of damage to a customer’s property that you work on, including real property such as buildings, as well as personal property.
  2. General Liability Limits – Limits from 1,000,000 to $5,000,000 – for the same as what most local agents charge for less coverage.
  3. Blanket Additional Insured Coverage (By Written Contract) – This important coverage, where the property owner requires you to name them as additional insured, is provided at no extra cost.
  4. Blanket Waiver of Subrogation – Nearly half of all commercial property owners will require you to waive the right of recovery for losses that may occur on their jobsite. We provide this at no extra cost where other insurance companies charge $100 per job.
Optional Insurance Coverage for Florida Pressure Wash Contractors
  1. Garagekeepers Insurance – This coverage is available for contractors that wash vehicles.
  2. Broad Inland Marine Equipment Coverage – — This coverage protects any equipment and tools used for your pressure washing business, including equipment that’s rented.
  3. No Premium Audit – Your final insurance premium is known upfront and guaranteed for the term of the policy
  4. Pollution Coverage – Limited pollution coverage is available.

Let Us Tailor Your Pressure Cleaning Business Insurance Policy to Your Unique Needs

The experienced staff at the Joseph D. Walters Insurance Agency is here to answer any and all questions and provide a same-day quote. Call us today at 1-800-878-3808 for a quote on Florida insurance for pressure washers and window cleaners.