Insurance For Power Wash Contractors in Texas

The agents at the Joseph D. Walters Insurance Agency are devoted to securing the best insurance for pressure and power wash contractors in Texas. Our team is ready to find you better coverage for the same (if not less) than what local agents charge for less than stellar protection.

Does a Texas Power Wash Service Really Need Insurance?

The short answer is every small business needs to have insurance. Without sufficient insurance protection, any property damage or bodily injury claim may result in financial despair and the loss of everything you’ve worked so hard for up to this point.

An owner of a Texas-area pressure washing service needs to understand that a typical local insurance agent will be completely unfamiliar with the power wash industry. The agent that’s written your auto or homeowners insurance will have little to no familiarity with your business or its insurance needs. This means they won’t even ask the right questions to ensure you’re getting sufficient coverage.

In fact, when it comes to the power wash industry, insurance rates are typically determined by the underwriters at a given company. Since the industry itself is difficult to categorize the underwriters are more or less guessing on the rates.

Unfortunately, it’s not until there’s a need to file a claim that most pressure wash businesses realize they’re not getting nearly enough coverage for the premium they’re paying. It’s only then that they realize their general liability policy is inadequate. This compromises their business and personal finances if legal action is taken against them for property damage or bodily injury related to a job they’ve done.

Turn to Joseph D. Walters for Texas Pressure Washer Insurance

For much of the past four decades, Joseph D. Walters Insurance has worked exclusively with contractors in the pressure washing/cleaning industry. This means we know and understand the industry. Any quote we provide is thorough and comprehensive. We don’t speak in hard-to-understand insurance jargon and we educate rather than up-sell.

Our objective is to ensure you understand the coverages you’ve selected. We want you to be confident that you’re carrying the right insurance to protect your business. We are licensed nationwide and the Liberty Mutual Insurance Group underwrites our exclusive Texas pressure washing insurance program. We guarantee pricing for the term of your policy and our claims and customer service once you’ve signed on is second-to-none.

Our Pressure Washing Insurance in Texas Includes:

  1. Increased Liability Limits with a standard of 1,000,000 up to $5,000,000.
  2. Care Custody & Control Coverage including Broad Form Property Damage. Accidents happen. This exclusive protection covers you for damage to your customer’s property that you work on, including real property such as buildings, as well as personal property.
  3. Blanket Waiver of Subrogation as required by contractor. This coverage is for jobs where the property owner requires you to waive the right of recover for losses that you may have on the job. Nearly ½ of all commercial property owners require this coverage and other insurance companies charge $100.00 per job.
  4. Blanket Additional Insured by written contract. This coverage saves you time on the jobs where property owner requires you to name them as additional insured. This important coverage is included at no additional costs.
  5. Our optional insurance coverage for pressure washers in Texas include Garagekeepers Liability, Broad Inland Marine Equipment Coverage, Limited Pollution Coverage, Umbrella Liability, Employee Dishonesty Bonds and much more.

Let Us Customize Your Texas Pressure Cleaning Insurance Policy

The staff at the Joseph D. Walters Insurance Agency is more than happy to answer any questions you may have about our pressure wash insurance in Texas. We can even provide a same-day quote. Call us today at 1-800-878-3808 and let us analyze your business from top to bottom for a tailor-made quote that’s unique to your specific insurance needs.