Preventing Distracted Driving In Your Business

April is distracted driving awareness month and if your employees drive company vehicles, chances are you worry about distracted driving. Poor habits behind the wheel can shine a negative light on your business and accidents could lead to claims. While we’ve all have heard the dangers distracted driving poses, it continues to be a leading cause of accidents on the road, totaling nearly 3,500 accidents in 2015. In addition, the NSC estimates that 25% of all vehicle crashes involve cell phone usage of some kind. It’s important to inform your employees of their expectations behind the wheel and of the dangers of distracted driving.

Types of Distracted Driving

There are 3 common types of distracted driving. Manual, where the driver removes their hands from the wheel, visual, where the driver takes their eyes off of the road and cognitive, where the driver is not focused on driving. These types of distraction can lead to inattentive blindness, when a driver fails to see and process their driving environment. Cellphones can cause all three types of distraction.

How to Prevent Distracted Driving in Your Team

Due to the increase in cellphone related accidents, there are currently a number of apps that can reduce or eliminate cellphone distractions. One such app to consider is the Lifesaver App. This app is great for both parents of young drivers or business owners with fleet drivers or company vehicles. The free app disables phone use when a vehicle is in motion and allows for monitoring should the driver attempt to use the phone while in motion. Learn more about the Lifesaver App here.

Another option is Cellcontrol. Cellcontrol allows the employer to configure what a smartphone or other mobile device can do in a moving vehicle, similar to Lifesaver. For both Apple or Android, Cellcontrol can function as an app-only product or be paired with a device that sticks onto the vehicle’s windshield and triggers the Cellcontrol app to work only when the device is within the vehicle. To get more information on Cellcontrol, click here.

For more information on how to protect your business and employees, call us at 1-800-878-3808. We have worked exclusively with mobile cleaning contractors for 40 years. Our agents know the insurance coverages you need to protect your business. How do you keep your fleet team from distractions behind the wheel? Do you use a similar program? Tell us your thoughts below.

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