Running a Business from Your Phone

Smartphones have definitely become a large part of our day to day lives, but do they transfer over to your business? Apps can help drive your operations as a small business owner and make getting the job done easier. Smart phones offer large screens, full keyboards, apps that mimic desktop software and access to the web – all making it easy to get things done, allowing you to handle operations away from the office or onsite. This article gives a few ideas on running a business from your phone and how to get the most out of this modern technology.

Tips on Running a Business from Your Phone


All businesses need books, but who says those books have to be on paper? A number of business accounting and financial tools exist as apps, both as stand-alone tools and mobile versions of desktop software. Top brands vary based on needs, but the Android powerhouse FreshBooks and the app version of beloved software programs QuickBooks and Quicken make bookkeeping fast and simple.


Staying organized gets harder as the season begins to pick up, but with the right apps, you can stay connected to your appointments, essential reminders, employees’ shifts and meetings. Jobber, for example, is a comprehensive organizational tool, managing functions such as employees and customer contact info. Other apps, like Google Calendar, SetMore and Calendly put easy scheduling services in the palm of your hand, no matter where the work takes you.



Processing payments is a big part of any operation but your phone is up to the task. Whether you prefer all electronic payment options through vendors such as PayPal or Visa Checkout, or would rather give clients the option to swipe their credit cards with Square, there is an app that’s right for your business. Bank account transfers are also available through apps like Dwolla.

Marketing & Promotion

From running social media campaigns to sending email blasts, it’s possible to manage marketing without the desktop too! How you market your business depends on the tools you choose to use. Social media is simple to handle with options such as Facebook Page Manager and Buffer. SEM (search engine marketing) can get a boost with the streamlined Google AdWords app and Perka can help you promote your business with loyalty benefits. Looking for email and CRM (customer relationship management) marketing? App versions of Salesforce and MailChimp have your back.


You need to keep your business safe even if you’re mobile. Instead of risking the vital business data you keep on your phone, you can protect your operations and back up files with SplashID. You can also add an extra layer of protection to your device with 360 Security, or fend off viruses with trusted desktop staples like Avast.

As technology continues to improve, shouldn’t you take advantage of the potential business benefits? It’s easier than ever to keep your day to day business routine right in your pocket. While you may not shift to an all mobile strategy, running a business from your phone has a number of positive perks, especially for washers on the go! Do you currently use your smartphone to assist in your business operations? What apps do you prefer and how have they improved your day to day routine? Tell us below in the comments!

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