Insurance For Pressure Washing Contractors in South Carolina

The Joseph D. Walters Insurance Agency is the #1 Pressure Washing Insurance Agency in South Carolina. Our agents offer the absolute best coverage, with liability limits from $1,000,000 to $5,000,000, at a premium that’s comparable to what a local agent typically charges for much inferior protection.

While any type of small business needs insurance, the pressure washing industry presents some unique circumstances that make it difficult to acquire sufficient insurance coverage. Someone just getting into the industry may begin their search for insurance with a local agent that’s written their auto, homeowners, or life insurance policy. This tends to be a slippery slope for several reasons.

First, a local agent, regardless of how good or trustworthy they may be, isn’t usually familiar with the power washing industry. This means they don’t ask the right questions and will often write a policy that’s too similar to policies they’ve written for other small businesses.

For this reason, many South Carolina pressure washing services are carrying insufficient insurance coverage within their general liability policy, low liability limits, missing endorsements and no coverage for business-critical equipment or tools. Unfortunately, most don’t realize this until they’ve filed a claim.

Additionally, since the industry is often not categorized properly, insurance rates are often developed with underwriters simply guessing. So, not only are the coverages weak, but pressure wash companies often pay way too much for inadequate coverage.

Choose Us For Pressure Washing Insurance in South Carolina

For nearly 40 years, the Joseph D. Walters Insurance Agency has exclusively insured power washing contractors. We are well regarded in the industry by contractors throughout the country. Our familiarity with the industry puts pressure washing business owners at ease. Our agents and representatives don’t speak in confusing insurance jargon. We strive to be informative, precise, and clear when we get to know you, your business, and assess your insurance needs.

When you choose Joseph D. Walters Insurance, you walk away with guaranteed pricing for the term of the policy, an understanding of your coverages, responsive customer service, and an attentive claims service. At no point will you be left hanging, lose business because you’re waiting for a Certificate of Insurance to be sent to you, or feel less than satisfied with your coverages and overall service. We are licensed nationwide and our exclusive South Carolina pressure washing insurance program is underwritten by the Liberty Mutual Insurance Group. You won’t find these coverages or this pricing anywhere else.

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The team at the Joseph D. Walters Insurance Agency is here to answer any questions you may have about our pressure washing insurance in South Carolina. We will provide a top-to-bottom analysis of your business and provide you with a same-day customized quote that addresses your specific insurance needs. Call us today at 1-800-878-3808 for your quote.