Truck Mount vs Trailer Rig: Pros & Cons

While many power washers will argue for their preferred setup method, truck mount vs trailer rig are likely your first two considerations when starting or upgrading your business. Each has a number of advantages as well as disadvantages. If you are trying to decide whether to build or upgrade a different setup for the coming season, here are some things to consider when comparing a truck mount vs trailer rig.

Truck Mount vs Trailer Rig Setups

Truck mounted rig

This set up is commonly the first choice for new washers when starting out. A truck mounted rig is often cheaper to get started, but can pose a liability to your business. Truck mounts not only come with additional risk, such as accidents or breakdowns that could halt you business, but they also lack flexibility to use the vehicle for non-business purposes.


1. Low Cost to Start

Truck mounts offer lower costs when starting out over a trailer rig set up. If you already own a truck, it is mainly the cost of your equipment and securing it to the bed.


1. Less flexible

Makes your truck a work-only vehicle unless you want to unload the equipment or risk driving it around with you.

2. Business risk

Your business becomes dependent on the truck functioning properly and could stop business if you are in an accident, especially if the equipment is also damaged.

3. Limited space

The limited amount of space in your truck’s bed limits options for pressure washing equipment and future growth and upgrading services.

4. Less Curb Appeal

A truck mounted pressure washing rig, in the opinion of many professionals, has less curb appeal and draws fewer leads when compared to a trailer rig.


Trailer mounted rig

While trailer mounted setups are more costly upfront, they provide more flexible for your business and your personal needs. Due to the increased space, you will have more options when adding equipment and services. The trailer can also be easily removed from your vehicle, thus it is not limited to a “work truck”.


1. More Mobile

Trailers can be parked and left at job site or your storage area, making your vehicle more mobile. The trailer can also be hooked to other trucks if your main vehicle breaks down or an employee needs the equipment for a job.

2. Easier to Upgrade

Trailers are ideal because you don’t need to buy a new truck to add a new income stream. They offer more space to add additional equipment for providing even more services as your business grows.

3. Increased Curb Appeal

A trailer draws more attention and can give your business a more professional look. Trailers provide your business with an organized, successful look and show your team is invested in the business.


1. More expensive up-front

Trailer mounts can be more expensive when starting. Once you get a trailer, build or purchase custom mounts and add your equipment costs, they can get quite elaborate and pricey.

2. Vulnerable to Theft

While trailer hitch locks, cables and other security measures can be put in place, thieves could easily drive away with your entire business. While a trailer rig could be hard to sell, your pricey equipment could become a target.

When it comes to a pressure washing setup, each of these options offer your business several pros and cons to consider before you decide which is best for your business. While these two options are among the most popular for power wash professionals, there are other options as well including van rigs and haul behinds. Whatever route you choose to take, you will want to make sure you have the proper insurance to protect your new investment properly. Just call us at 1-800-878-3808 today for a free quote or insurance review. We have exclusively insured mobile cleaning contractors for 40 years and we know what it takes to keep your business safe from almost anything.

2 comments on “Truck Mount vs Trailer Rig: Pros & Cons

  1. I ran a trailer rig for 4 years. I’m building a new rig on a flatbed Isuzu NPR setup. The smaller footprint and traveling billboard design will be far superior to the trailer setup. The neat and tight package looks far more professional than a trailer setup and the fact that it is a dedicated unit mean my personal vehicle is free to be just that. JMO

    • It sounds like you’re building a great rig, Aritt! The added benefit of advertising is a big win in professional curb appeal. We’d love to see it when you finish it!

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