Window & Pressure Washing Insurance in Virginia

The Joseph D. Walters Insurance agency is a leading provider of pressure washing and window washing insurance in Virginia and 46 other states. If you’re a mobile cleaning contractor in Norfolk, Chesapeake, Richmond, Alexandria, Hampton, Roanoke or elsewhere in the Old Dominion State, we can provide you with better protection and broader insurance coverage at what’s typically a comparable, if not better, price than you’re currently paying for less coverage.

We’re Not Just Insurance Agents, We’re an Industry Leader

We’ve been writing insurance for pressure washers since 1978. In fact, protecting contractors in this industry has become our specialty. It didn’t take us long to realize that this industry has its own unique insurance needs.

One thing we learned right away is far too many mobile cleaning contractors are actually underinsured. They may not know it, since they went through the process of obtaining insurance, but most have the same general business liability policy that’s written for any other small business.

However, a mobile cleaning business isn’t like any other business. A standard business liability policy will usually have insufficient coverage limits and detrimental coverage exclusions for mobile cleaners. These can prove to be costly if a claim is ever filed against you, coverage is denied or exhausted, and your assets and family’s financial security are put at risk in a lawsuit.

We Are Committed to Your Protection

We’ve learned a lot in our nearly 40 years in this industry. We decided to take this knowledge and use it to pioneer an insurance program created specifically for power wash and window wash contractors. The end result was an exclusive set of coverages designed to ensure power washers and other mobile cleaners are properly protected at every job site.

These exclusive coverages, underwritten by Liberty Mutual Insurance, give some serious peace of mind to contractors in the mobile cleaning business. Local contractors know they can rely on our Virginia window and pressure wash insurance when it’s needed the most. They can also rest easy knowing that their policy was written with their best interests in mind. We don’t speak in nonsensical complicated insurance jargon. We offer clear, precise, and informative explanations of both your insurance needs and coverages. More importantly, we take the time to get to know you and your business by asking the right questions.

Furthermore, Virginia window and power washing insurance comes with guaranteed pricing for the term of your policy (no premium audits or unexpected rate hikes) and a 100% satisfaction guarantee where you’re refunded any unused premium if you’re not happy with your policy or our customer service.

Our Virginia Pressure Washing or Window Washing Insurance Includes:

Our policies are written with optimum protection in mind. Liability limits can be chosen from $1,000,000 to $5,000,000.

Care Custody and Control Coverage (including Broad Form Property Damage) protects contractors for any damage done to a customer’s property that you are working on due to a mistake, accident, faulty workmanship, or negligence. Most standard liability policies exclude this type of coverage but it’s built into every policy we write.

Our blanket endorsements save contractors time and money if a customer needs to be added as an additional insured or they want the contractor to waive any right to recover any loss incurred at the property.

Lastly, we offer a slew of coverages for equipment and tools, employee dishonesty bonds and vehicles being washed. Many coverages can be bundled together into an Umbrella policy for even greater savings.

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