West Virginia Pressure Washing & Window Washing Insurance

If you own a pressure or window washing business in West Virginia, turn to Joseph D. Walters Insurance to protect your business and assets. We’re a top provider of pressure washing and window washing insurance in West Virginia and 46 other states. We offer mobile cleaning contractors better protection for a premium amount that’s usually comparable, if not better, than what they’re already paying for inferior coverage.

How do we pull this off? Since 1978, we’ve almost exclusively written insurance for power washers and exterior window cleaners. Our familiarity with this particular industry led to us pioneering a one-of-a-kind insurance package built specifically for mobile cleaners. Underwritten by Liberty Mutual Insurance, our policies address the known holes we’ve seen in the coverage of pressure and window contractors through the years. These holes include:

  • Carrying Insufficient Insurance – When power washers go to a local insurance agent or a national carrier to insure their business, they’re typically dealing with someone unfamiliar with what they do. In most cases, they leave with insurance, but what they have is a general business liability insurance policy.

These basic general liability policies will often still include exclusions that often present a gap in your protection. When a mobile cleaning contractor needs their insurance, many are shocked when their liability coverage doesn’t cover everything they’re monetarily liable for. This puts their business and assets at risk in a potential lawsuit.

Our policies also offer higher liability limits to better protect pressure and window washers. Coverage for anywhere from $1,000,000 to $5,000,000 can be obtained for a premium amount that many contractors are surprised to learn is quite affordable.

  • The Care, Custody and Control Exclusion – Accidents and mistakes happen. When they happen to a power washer, the end result is generally damage to a customer’s property that is being worked on. Someone that has standard business liability insurance may be surprised to find out their policy excludes coverage for accidents, mistakes, faulty workmanship, or negligence.

Even worse, they may resent the fact that Care Custody & Control (including Broad Form Property Damage) would’ve covered such damages regardless of fault and was an option not recommended to them when they purchased their insurance. This again comes down to working with an insurance agent or company unfamiliar with the pressure washing industry and the insurance needs of those in it.

Our insurance for West Virginia pressure washers has Care Custody & Control coverage automatically built into the policy. It doesn’t have to be requested. You’re just covered.

  • No Blanket Endorsements – Changes to a written contract, such as a customer wanting to be added as an additional insured or wanting language added to the contract stating you can’t seek compensation for a loss occurring at the property, cost money and stall projects.

Our policies include a Blanket Waiver of Subrogation and Blanket Additional Insured Coverage to save both time and money.

  • Audits and Confusion on How to Rate you – Another unfortunate byproduct of working with an agent or insurer unfamiliar with the industry is many incorrectly classify your business when you’re first quoted a price. Only for their underwriters to later review and change the rate, which in turn changes your premium.

Our West Virginia pressure wash insurance comes with Guaranteed Pricing for the term of your policy. This means no change to your premium unless you elect to change your policy during the policy term.

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