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A culture of doing the right things.

Anyone can promise great service, but not everyone can deliver it. At Joseph D. Walters, we’ve built a culture around doing the right things. But don’t just take our word for it. Read these client testimonials to see exactly what we mean.

I just got a quote from them and they blew my local guy out of the water. As a matter of fact, my local guy worked for over a month to get me a quote that he thought was respectable. He really worked hard to get the insurance that I needed to clean roofs. The sad part is that his underwriters from the various insurance companies did not know how to characterize roof washing. The quote I got was thorough and comprehensive. Oh, and by the way, I learned about Joe from this forum. I have paid my premium and have learned much from the folks here. So, if you are still on the fence about joining, I highly recommend paying your dues and getting in.


It’s important to me that I satisfy my clients quickly. The service at Joseph D. Walters is fast and accurate.

Michael HinderliterFort Worth, TX

From All of us at Regal Pressure Washing...Thank you!

Regal Pressure Washing

Get the standard million on your general liability. Also, insure the rigs, it doesn’t cost much. Joseph D. Walters is a good broker...actually the best out there. I have been with them for years.

Carlos GonzalesOwner, New Look Power Wash

I’m excited to be working with Joseph Walters Insurance. I just signed up for their new window washer insurance program, and the service I’ve gotten already over the phone is head and shoulders above what I’ve gotten in the past year from my local agent. Plus, it’s a much better value. For right around the same price as I was paying for $300,000 liability, they gave me a million, plus coverage for my equipment. So glad I made this call.

Josh StixrudOwner, Jolly Roger Window Cleaning

I was glad to learn that Joseph Walters Co. could provide me with good insurance at a competitive price with no audits. My former provider did an audit and very nearly doubled my premium.

Tom Bruce

Fair, fast, and friendly. Great staff and always available to help.

Nicholas LaSorsa

I have used Joseph Walters for about 8 years now for my business and can say without hesitation they are great! Their customer service is excellent and pricing is competitive for my industry! Highly recommend.

Angela Byron

These guys are just the absolute best in service. If you need a provider who understands what you do, will be there when you need them, and you're a small business, these are your guys.

Champion SoftWash

We have worked with Joseph D. Walters for years now. It is truly difficult to find another insurance company that covers the pressure washing industry business and the various services we provide. If you do happen to find a company, it always ends up being higher-priced and more of a headache. The customer service with this company is amazing. Patti and Sarah are always on the ball. Whenever I need anything, they attack it right away. This is important as I sometimes need certificates right away for clients. They are always pleasant and helpful. You can not go wrong with these ladies! Long-time customer. Thanks from Hogwash Cleaning Solutions!

Sacha CleavlandHogwash Cleaning Solutions

Awesome insurance company. They are fast to process all the needs of my company. They are prompt to send certificates to all the customers that need to be added. Best experience with an insurance company in all my life! Thank you, Joseph D. Walters and all the staff!

Aaron's Hydro Grime Cleaning Service, LLC
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Joseph D. Walters has an amazing reputation. We do the right thing, treat people the right way and ensure you have the insurance you need.

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