Pressure Washing & Window Cleaning Insurance in Georgia

Georgia pressure washers and window cleaners need an insurance agency that knows their industry and is committed to protecting both the company’s bottom line. Having served these industries since 1978, Joseph D. Walters Insurance IS this agency. Not only do we offer insurance for pressure washers and window washers in Georgia, but we also serve the insurance needs of thousands of mobile cleaning contractors in 47 other states.

The team of insurance professionals at Joseph D. Walters Insurance takes the time to truly get to know our clients. Customization is a big part of our insurance program and our approach to service is based on personalization. We strive to form a relationship that is meant to last the lifetime of your business.

Our goal is to learn enough about your window cleaning or power washing company to assess your overall insurance needs. We’ve consulted with various industry experts and insurance carriers to craft a window cleaning/power washing insurance program that’s exclusive to this industry and its unique needs. Since our policies are underwritten by the Liberty Mutual Insurance Group – also familiar with insuring mobile cleaning companies – we can get you better coverage at a better cost.

Differences Between Our Agency & Local Georgia Insurance Agents

  1. Industry Experience: Insurance for mobile contract cleaners comes with its own unique set of perils and insurance needs. While your insurance agent may have written you a great auto insurance, homeowners insurance, or life insurance policy, most local agents aren’t familiar with the nature of your work. They may have never insured a business like yours and they fail to ask the right questions to ensure you’re adequately covered. We’ve spent nearly four decades insuring contractors just like you in this same line of work. We’ve seen, heard, and dealt with it all. We know what questions to ask and what coverages benefit you. We also know exactly what you need to succeed when it comes to service and support.
  2. Pressure Washer and Window Cleaner Liability Insurance – We mentioned the importance of having enough liability insurance to sufficiently protect you. With limits from $1,000,000 to $5,000,000, we can offer more liability coverage than your local agent – often for nearly the same as what you’d pay their company for less coverage.
  3. Care Custody & Control Coverage (Including Broad Form Property Damage) – Accidents tend to come out of nowhere and their effects can be catastrophic. Our pressure washing insurance in Georgia includes this exclusive coverage that protects power washing companies for damage to your customer’s property that you work on including real property such as buildings and personal property.
  4. Blanket Additional Insured Coverage (By Written Contract) – This coverage saves Georgia pressure washing contractors time on jobs where the property owner wants to be named as an additional insured. We include this coverage at no additional cost.
  5. Blanket Waiver of Subrogation – Larger property owners want this endorsement and require you to waive the right of recovery for losses that may occur on their jobsite. Half of all commercial property owners will require this coverage, typically at a cost of $100.00 per job. Joseph D. Walters Insurance policies include this endorsement at no charge.
  6. Optional Insurance Coverages for Georgia Power Washers – We have a range of important optional insurance coverages that local agents fail to offer window washers and pressure washers from Garagekeepers Insurance for contractors who wash vehicles to Umbrella Liability and Limited Pollution Coverage.

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