Insurance For Pressure Washing Contractors in Louisiana

Anyone looking for Louisiana Pressure Washing Insurance can turn to the Joseph D. Walters Insurance Agency for the best coverage at the best price. Through our insurance agency, window cleaners and pressure/power washers in Louisiana can get liability insurance – with limits anywhere from $1,000,000 to $5,000,000 – at a premium comparable to what other Louisiana-area insurance agents currently charge for less coverage.

While every type of small business needs good insurance coverage, the power washing industry brings its own unique perils and insurance needs. This requires insurance protection that isn’t necessarily cookie cutter. Unfortunately, many do in fact get a cookie cutter small business policy.

This is because they understandably turn to the local agent that’s written their car, homeowners, or life insurance policy to insure their business. While it’s natural to trust an agent or insurance company you’re familiar with, most insurers are still painfully unaware of the nuances of the pressure/power washing industry. They fail to ask pertinent questions; leaving many gaps or holes in insurance coverage for pressure washers.

Many Louisiana-area window and pressure/power washers regrettably don’t know this until they absolutely need the insurance they’ve been paying on. Only then do they learn their general liability coverage, limits, and endorsements are not industry specific to properly protect them.

Additionally, many agents and underwriters do not know how to properly categorize or rate contractors in this industry. This doesn’t equate to the best premium pricing, which means window and pressure washers are often paying too much for inadequate coverage.

Get Louisiana Premium Washer Insurance from Industry Experts

The Joseph D. Walters Insurance Agency has been writing insurance exclusively for window and power/pressure washers for nearly four decades. We are familiar with the industry and trusted by contractors throughout the country. Our goal is to put you at ease with the peace of mind that you’re carrying sufficient insurance. Insurance that’s written with your best interests in mind.

Our team puts window and power washing company owners at ease by not speaking in overly-complicated insurance jargon. We counsel with precise, clear, and informative explanations of your insurance needs and coverages. Pricing is guaranteed for the life of the policy term and comes complete with attentive customer and claims services.

We are licensed nationwide and our exclusive Louisiana pressure washing insurance program is underwritten by the Liberty Mutual Insurance Group. You won’t find these coverage limits or this pricing anywhere else. Our insurance is available to the following regions and industries:

  • New Orleans Power washers / window cleaners
  • Baton Rouge Pressure washers / window cleaners
  • Shreveport Pressure washers/window cleaners
  • Metairie Pressure washers/window cleaners
  • Lafayette Pressure washers/window cleaners
  • Lake Charles Pressure washers / window cleaners
  • Bossier City Power washers /window cleaners
  • Monroe – Power washers/ window cleaners

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The team at the Joseph D. Walters Insurance Agency is here to answer any questions you may have about our Louisiana window cleaning insurance or power washing insurance. We will analyze your needs and provide you with a same-day customized quote. Call us today at 1-800-878-3808 for your quote.