Reverse Graffiti: Power Wash Advertising

Reverse Graffiti is the process of cleaning specific areas of dirty pavements or walls which creates art or advertising through the contrast of clean and dirty sections. For repeatable and commercial reverse graffiti, typically, a stencil is produced in metal or plastic to create the design. The stencil is then placed on to the dirty surface and then either a power washer or surface cleaner is then used to clean through the cut out areas of the stencil. When the stencil is lifted the design is revealed.

Reverse graffiti is now predominantly used by brands to bring attention to their products and services as well as artists. It provides a viable alternative to traditional advertising such as billboards. Two of the strongest benefits of Reverse Graffiti are: Highly targeted geographical placement and lack of competing media in the same space thus leading to more impressions. Reverse Graffiti Adverts can be placed almost anywhere with dirty pavement or walls to deliver a branded message or call to action.

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