Winter Work for the Off Season

Do you live in an area where winter brings your business to a grinding halt? If you plan ahead, the winter months can be very productive even if you can’t wash like normal. Adding winter work services that are weather or season related can help supplement your income during your washing off season. Here are a few ideas of other business offerings to keep the cash flowing when the weather gets frigid.

Winter Work for the Off Season

Services power wash professionals turn to include, window washing, carpet cleaning and indoor painting to keep out of the cold. If you don’t mind working in harsher weather, yard maintenance and cleanup, gutter cleaning, new construction cleaning up and even hanging holiday lights for commercial and residential clients can keep you busy during your downtime. It is even possible to wash and detail vehicles indoors, but make sure you have garage keeper’s coverage if you will be moving your customer’s vehicles. For more information on garage keeper’s insurance, read our article here. How about washing indoor parking garages, trash chutes, warehouse interior cleaning of walls, beams and floors?

If you aren’t looking to add any services during your off season, you can still take advantage of winter months. Perform the maintenance on your equipment you don’t have time for during the spring or even upgrade your setup. Planning your marketing strategies for the coming year or calling potential customers, both commercial and residential, could help provide an increase in jobs come spring. Lastly, wrap up your books for the end of the year and most importantly…relax, enjoy your family, spend time with the kids and enjoy the holidays! Think outside the box this season, stay warm and good luck preparing for what could be your best year yet!

If you plan to add any service, be sure to speak with your insurance agent first! It’s important to ensure you will have coverage for whatever winter work you choose, should an accident happen. To review services covered by your insurance or for a free quote, call us at 1-800-878-3808. We’ve specialized in insuring mobile cleaning contractors for 40 years and we’ve seen it all. Our agents know the coverages you need to protect you and your business properly.

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